Roberta Gemma

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Roberta Gemma
Name Roberta Gemma, Roberta Anal, Roberta Missoni
Born December 12, 1980 in Rome, Italy
Height 5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Weight 134 lbs (61 kg)
Measurements 39E-23-35
Number of Movies 30+

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Roberta Gemma – Life and Porn Career

Roberta GemmaRoberta Gemma joined the industry and dealt with three main niches at the start of her career; Anal, Ass To Mouth, and Facials. There is just a touch of lesbian content as seen in her very first movie Lesbo Italia. There were only two movies that did not fit the three previously stated niches out of the ten whole movies she made from 2005 to 2007. Her niche film includes such pictures as Vengooo.., Dietro da Impazzire 7, Order, Desideri e Passioni, Diario di una Segretaria, Glamour Dolls 2, Luna’s Angels, and Specialist. Interestingly enough most of her early career was supported by Pink’O and CentozCento. After 2007, it seems that she left to work with more traditional companies such as Brazzers Network and ATV. Her videos quickly stop being Anal Only with her last Anal Only film being made in by Brazzers Network and called Midnight Fuxpress that was made in 2011. Fittingly enough her most recent film was Glamour Dolls that was produced by ATV in 2016.

Ass, Titties, And Facial

Roberta Gemma niche is rather specific but one look at her body then you would be left wondering if she could do anything else. Outside of the main three slots that she filled there is a fourth that can be seen in her more recent films. A niche that can only be described as the glamor girl which is softcore action and masturbation content about a girl that needs to see take a pounding.

Roberta Gemma 2All the movies that she made in 2014 is a testament to just that with such films as Bella e Possibile, Io Me e… Roberta, Insegnante, Insegnante Segreta del Dolce Piero, and Sins and Perversions. Your guess is as good as mine to why she is in a lot of Spanish videos. Other then her tan, she is one of the whitest girls that you will meet.

Foiled By A Lone Transcriber

Sadly the following and most recent interview were ruined by the transcriber. The only part that talks about her outside of her body make no sense. At one point she was asked what does she like to do in her free time. The transcriber had her reply as, ‘Why? Do gym exist?’. It is evident that the transcriber could not hear Roberta, but the rest of the questions are about her breast. They must be distracting because three-fourths of the questions were about her tits or measurement. Some people debate rather her breast were enhanced or not, but according to this interview, they were all natural at the time. It should be noticed that her bust was measured at 36 at the time, but there was no mention of her cup size oddly with the amount of the interview that is about her tits.

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Roberta Gemma – Biography

Name Roberta Gemma, Roberta Anal, Roberta Missoni
Born December 12, 1980 in Rome, Italy
Height 5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Weight 134 lbs (61 kg)
Measurements 39E-23-35
Number of Movies 30+

Roberta Gemma – Awards & Social

Official Website
Twitter @RobertaGemma
Facebook Roberta Gemma Page
Instagram Roberta Gemma Official
Pinterest -
Awards 2006 Eroticline Awards - Best International Newcomer
2008 Eroticline Awards - Best Cross Over Star International
2010 Venus Awards - Best Female Performer Europe
2011 Venus Awards - Best Female Performer Europe

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Roberta Gemma Roberta Gemma Roberta Gemma Roberta Gemma

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Roberta Gemma

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