Simone Sonay

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Simone Sonay
Name Simone Sonay
Born February 28, 1972 in California, USA
Height 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Weight 125 lbs (57 kg)
Measurements 36C-26-36
Number of Movies 100+

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Simone SonaySimone Sonay was born on February 28, 1972, in California. As a teenage girl, she was mostly dating older boys who were on the soccer team. Simone herself was training soccer, but she had a bad knee injury that ruined her aspirations of a soccer career. She was a good student, but never truly fitted among popular kids. Prior porn Simone worked as an office manager and had always had jobs in the administrative world. However, once she started shooting porn she continued working in the office until her boss found out.

The super hot blonde MILF did not start her porn career up till 2010 when she was around thirty-eight years old. She describes her entrance into the adult entertainment industry as an accident, because she surely did not imagine to have such an easy first shoot; Simone had an invitation by the company called Public Disgrace, and she had no idea what the whole thing was about. Even though she had fantasies of becoming a porn star in her younger years she did not know that she would get in it so easily. Simone was aware that there were companies such as Ultimate Surrender and, prior she went to shoot her first scenes. Even though she had contacts and had a few nude posing shoots, she did not start her career officially that year. Before she fully dedicated herself to porn films, Simone worked as a webcam model. It was not until 2011 that she filmed her first official scene for Kink which was released in 2012. So, at the age of thirty-nine, Simone officially became a porn performer.

Her first shoot in porn was a group sex with six male co-stars, filmed for She also has shot double anal, double vaginal, fisting, MILF, squirting, interracial, threesome and so on. Within the past five years, Simone shoots for Brazzers, Devil’s Film, Hustler, James Deen Productions, Lethal Hardcore, Naughty America, Penthouse, Rocco Siffredi Produzione, Depth Entertainment Family, Pure Play Media, Girlfriends Films, TugPass, Hustler, etc. In 2015 and 2016, Simone was twice-nominated by the AVN Fan Awards for the category “Hottest MILF”. In 2015 and 2016 she was again twice-nominated by the Spank Bank Awards for the category “Most Magnificent MILF”.

Simone is also a producer and recruiter of models who are interested to do porn (she was mostly contacting them via Twitter, before her account was deleted). Since this is her main job now, she no longer shoots films as she did in the past five years.

Simone loves traveling in her spare time. She has two Pomeranian Chihuahua rescue dogs. She also enjoys gardening and spending time in her yard. In five years she does not see herself in the industry because she doubts that anyone would want her to shoot films in her fifties.

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Name Simone Sonay
Born February 28, 1972 in California, USA
Height 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Weight 125 lbs (57 kg)
Measurements 36C-26-36
Number of Movies 100+

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Simone Sonay Simone Sonay Simone Sonay Simone Sonay Simone Sonay Simone Sonay Simone Sonay Simone Sonay Simone Sonay Simone Sonay Simone Sonay Simone Sonay

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Simone Sonay

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1 comment

  1. Walt

    Lord of Porn,
    If you can pass this on to Simone. I’ld be one greatfull man.
    Please don’t stop working in this field.
    Great Caesar’s Ghost, your body, and that smile are just made for it!
    If not doing the work, then teach, direct, produce. If your name is on it, I’m buying it.
    Please, come back to work, I want to see you when your 50, 60, hell till my heart stops beating.
    I love the way you kiss. It might sound stupid, but I love a good kisser. You and Julia Anna, make my mouth water. Just watching you kiss someone. It bugs me the young guys who don’t know what they have in their hands. They have a face like their in the Olympics and their going for the Gold Metal, of drilling.
    When I just want to watch you kiss his/her dumb lips a few more times.
    There are lots of teenyboppers that are calling themselves porn stars, that aren’t!
    They get every hole stuffed, with 2 guys, wanking while waiting, and think that makes them a Porn Queen. WTF?
    I like a real woman. A women who’s first name, makes a guy get that Oh, yeah. Her! Look on his face.
    Like I said there are great kissers, you, Julia Ann, Veronica, Brandi with the right guy, lastly India, but he’d better come with his game face on. LOL! Now Darla, Jodi, and Janet, all want a good story to make things Gerrrr!
    Hell! I grew up with Nina. I still remember when she first shaved.
    I thought to myself. Hey? Is she younger the I thought she is??! Second thought was, Hummm,that lucky muther, isn’t choking on any lose hair. To this day she’s still killin it.
    She made my (Catholic) girlfriend, understand sex isn’t a job, it’s for fun too!
    Took her years and a Priest(not kidding) to greenlight, her just watching an Adult movie.
    Simon, you’re who made her know it was OK, that she felt good, when I licked her balloon knot,
    and even better, when my tongue pierced it!
    If your wondering I’m 55.Yep old as dirt!
    I don’t want to look at anyone young enough to be my kid, and she’s 30, now!
    So my thing is, anyone 40 plus a lifetime of knowledge. I want a woman , not a little girl.
    There are boob guys, and ass guys, mouth guys and feet guys. Me I like eyes.
    Eyes that squint when she smiles. That widen when she’s surprised. Lips that breath into my lungs, your lust for me. Hands that reach to show me how to touch you just right. Here, and now. That leg that comes out of nowhere, and raps around my back, so I can’t get away.
    …..and that’s you!
    All my Love,

    Posted on May 22, 2018

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