AV 69 Versus Idols 69

Japanese porn is always fun and exotic. Unlike most Japanese porn sites, AV 69 and Idols 69 do offer uncensored hardcore porn so I'm impatient to see which one will win this versus battle.


Tokyo Bang Versus Gang AV

If we combine these two Japanese hardcore sites - Tokyo Bang and Gang AV – we will get a nice gangbang. You'll be watching a lot of that on these sites, but let's find out who is the tougher opponen...


Hey MILF Versus Jp MILFs

Today we have the pleasure of watching lots of Asian babes. We will compare 2 Asian hardcore MILF porn sites – Hey MILF and Jp MILFs, and try to figure out which one is a better choice.

Cosplay in Japan Versus JCosplay

Cosplay is a popular porn niche in Japan, and the authentic Japanese cosplay is coming to the West. This is a versus battle between Erito’s Cosplay in Japan and All Japanese Pass’ JCosplay.

Teens Of Tokyo Versus Schoolgirls HD

Both Teens Of Tokyo and Schoolgirls HD are Asian porn sites that offer very young (but legal) girls. This review will tell you what are their differences, and which one provides more benefits.


Erito Versus All Japanese Pass

Asian porn is appreciated across the world. Today we are going to compare 2 representatives of this genre – Erito and All Japanese Pass, and help you figure out which one would be better for you.


Jav HD Versus All Japanese Pass

Jav HD and All Japanese Pass are Asian porn networks that our readers are already familiar with. Now it is time to compare them to each other, and see which one offers more to their members.

EritoVsJavHD Japanese Porn Versus_ featured image

Erito Versus Jav HD

Today we are gonna compare two Asian porn networks – Erito and Jav HD. Both offer beautiful Asian girls, but there are some significant differences, so it will be easy to decide which one is better.