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Brutal Dungeon

Brutal Dungeon is a real BDSM porn site where the poor girls are really suffering at the hands of skilled masters who have all the tools and torture devices to make their pussies wet with pain..


Amateure Xtreme

Perhaps you thought that amateurs can’t make hot extreme BDSM movies, but that’s because you haven’t seen Amateure Xtreme before. It’s a huge collection of videos that will surely fit your nee...


The Fetish Warehouse

The Fetish Warehouse is the site that will sure tickle your kink site, because the BDSM sessions look like the men who are featured in them paid good money to be tortured by all the black ladies.

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Shadow Slaves

Shadow Slaves is up for review today and you should know before you begin that this BDSM premium porn site has one of the most merciless and extreme punishment collections of them all..


Electricity Play

Basically, what this premium site offers is a collection of chicks getting teased by some merciless men who are drawing pleasure from seeing them in seizures and hearing them scream.


Wired Pussy

Those girls get wired, but not in way we’ve seen on the HBO series with the same name. These pussies are put to various shock treatments for the sole purpose of getting pleasure from pain.

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Hostel XXX

Hostel XXX is a type of porn site that all fans of hardcore sex, BDSM and horror movies would love to get their hands on. I loved their idea and the way they picked the girls for their scenes.


Water Bondage

You want to see “sexy slaves bound and dunked”? Water Bondage offers specific fetish movies and if water/bondage torture scenes make you horny, then you can’t go wrong with this bdsm porn site.


Sensual Pain

This site is not your everyday BDSM porn site, this extreme site involves real BDSM, the kind in which both the master and the slave are real life enthusiasts of the art of pain.


Electro Sluts

Electro Sluts is another premium porn site created by famous Kink network that can keep you busy for a long time if you’re into lesbian domination and electro orgasms.


Pain Toy

This BDSM porn site is ran by one of the most sadist porn directors of the world, Mr. Alebeard. Together with his team of merciless friends he put bithches through massive amounts of pain..


Subspace Land

Subspace Land is a great fetish porn site made for all guys that love hard BDSM. If you enjoy watching girls getting humiliated, punished and forced to cum by guys that use their fingers..

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BDSM Prison

BDSM Prison shows extreme fetish scenes that feature hot women who get interrogated and punished in a prison cell by some cruel men. These men aren’t just regular guards but SS and Nazi officers


Infernal Restraints

Infernal Restraints is a porn site that gives you unique, original and only the roughest BDSM porn scenes. You’ll get a large collection of HD movies that feature some nasty fetish and bondage scene...