Blood Sisters

Digital Playground’s latest blockbuster brings us two hot Blood Sistes! Their amazing adventures will make you want watch the whole movie, both sex and non-sex scenes as they’re all magnificently produced and the acting is superb (for a porn movie). The movie is about two sisters Madalena and Isabel whose “blood has always been thicker than the water”, but their lives are full of excitements and sudden events, so this great connection between them is going to be put to the test. Madalena and Isabel’s father “uses his political position to court power and corruption, each woman will have to choose where she stands: with her father, or against him. If the sins of the father must be punished…will his beautiful daughters pull the trigger?” Guys have guns, but these chicks have much more lethal weapons – tits, pussies and big round butts! Blowjobs, threesome sex, anal and pussy plowing is what you can see in this

The movie is actually filled with some of the hottest Latina models out there and therefore it’s made for all Latina pornstar fans.Mo are some of the stars of this movie and it looks like they’ve been handpicked for this project. Costumes, the story, action, cast – everything looks great in this flick and that’s why it’s so popular these days on Digital Playground’s website.

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Release date
Running time
04-26-2017 2h 52 min
  • Release date04-26-2017
  • Running time2h 52 min
  • CountryUSA

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