Who is the Hottest Mixed Race (African-Latin) Pornstar?

Lord, April 10, 2018

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Luna Corazon

Luna Corazon is a new age porn star of Brazilian origin. The half Black-half Latina lass was born on January 1, 1982. Her coffee-dark skin texture and tall height make her the hottest mixed race African-Latin porn star of this age. Most Brazilian porn stars are known to be BBWs, but Luna has proven that even tall and skinny Brazilians can form a niche for themselves in the adult filming industry. Her love for exploration, freedom and of course a good fuck, made her leave her parents’ house at a very tender age.Miss Luna is 5 ft. and 8 inches tall; she has a small 24cm waistline covering her 34cm protruding hips. Undoubtedly, Luna’s shape and looks are irresistible. She premiered her career as a webcam model, wetting men`s pants online at a fee, to make ends meet. Early 2015, Luna Corazon delved into the screens as a real porn actor. Luna`s cock action is just the best. She is an excellent rider who has perfected the art and enjoys the dick both from the back and in front. Equally, her webcam experience has made her the best solo actor. She knows how to roll the dildo right and her moaning alone will arouse your dick. Luna Corazon has currently featured in over 25 movies with top US production houses like Girlfriends Films, 21sextury, Mile High and Club Seventeen. Her far distance from the USA limits her from shooting many videos, but wait until she sets foot at LA, the lass will probably be shooting movies every day.

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