TOP 10 Mixed Race Porn Stars (Latin-Caucasian)

Isis Taylor

October 23, 1989 in San Francisco, California

The one who opens our top is Miss Isis Taylor, who is a rare mix like you’ve never seen. She is part Peruvian, part Israeli and part Scottish. Howe about that?  If you’re into rare mixes, she is very rare. She couldn’t pass for either white and Latina, because all of her traits are accentuated on her face and body. When she dyes her hair red, you can see her Scottish side the best, but she’s a Scottish babe with tanned skin. She is 27 and already has 8 years in the porn industry, performing in over 150 movies. She was a huge sensation in her first two years, when she shot many barely legal porn for the Hustler network, where my favorite movies of her can be found.

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