TOP 10 Tattooed Pornstars

Kylee Kross

Born as Nicole Pettas, Kylee Kross has everything to please even the most exigent porn lovers. Her complete and super sexy body full of very sexy tattoos has everything to impress even the most exigent porn lovers. She is talented, young and perfect to impress since she is not afraid to try even the craziest things on screen. She is an American porn star and even though she is quite young she does have everything to continue to impress even the most exigent. She has been featured in hundreds of porn videos and she has no plans to stop being such a wonderful star. She can be found all over the web and even though we do not have a lot of personal information about her one thing is certain: she is indeed in the true field of work, after all she can act as well as anyone could ever wish of watching. If you are looking for top porn this is the lady for you to watch.

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