Barbara Xo
Barbara Xo, Barbaraxo (Age 37)
5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
February 28, 1987 in Berlin, Germany
105 lbs (48 kg)
Career start
  • Name Barbara Xo, Barbaraxo
  • Born February 28, 1987 in Berlin, Germany
  • Nbr. of Movies 80+
  • Height 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
  • Weight 105 lbs (48 kg)
  • Measurements -
Last Month 9.8
Rating Av.
Total of Votes 202

Short Interview with Barbara Xo

Hello Barbara! Could you tell us about your life before porn appeared?

I lead a normal lifestyle, I work as a store manager in one of the major retailers. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances, both related to porn, and quite ordinary people. Both of them know me as a cheerful and open person. And I think they’re right. 

How and when did you start thinking about becoming a porn actress?

It all started with the fact that my husband offered me a BDSM-style photo shoot and a threesome. We invited two familiar photographers and I had a very cool time and got cool content. After that, I realized that I definitely want to shoot videos and photos. I get really excited when I imagine men jerking off to my videos.

Is there any actress who inspires you?

In fact, there are several of them. These are girls with excellent charisma, passion and love for sex. They have raised the bar very high for other porn actresses. And this is absolutely correct.

Riley Reid, Adriana Chechik, Chastity Lynn, the magnificent Maitland Ward, of course, Sasha Grey, after which everyone realized that actresses just need to live and get high in the frame, and not stupidly work out a shift.

What is the origin of your porn star name?

It was invented by a very good friend of mine, for which I am very grateful to him.

What was your first scene and what was your experience?

When we filmed my first group sex with four men, non-professional actors. I came five or six times. And the guys didn’t let me down. At the same time, without preparation, they finished on my face. I really like buckcake. Pussy really then ached a little from long double penetrations. But it was great!

What is your favorite porn scene you shot?

I got very excited when I had sex with a cece crossdresser. I fucked him, he fucked me, we fucked each other, I licked his feet. For some reason, I got very sexually turned on then. I will definitely shoot something else like this. And if you remember the fun, it was funny when we shot a game video about Thanksgiving. I was walking along the shore in a pilgrim costume, and about 10 curious geese came out to me, one even ran after me, and I was running away from him. We decided to leave a video of these geese. They created a wonderful atmosphere.

What do you like sexually?

I like, as I said, the bukkake. I love to feel men’s sperm on my skin, double penetration into pussy, spanking on the ass, domination by men, I love when I am roughly fucked in the mouth. Anal sex according to the mood.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I really like to travel by car in a randomly selected direction, stay at campsites with a tent, relax on nudist beaches, go on dates with attractive men, and, of course, shoot home videos.

How do you see Barbara’s future in the porn business?

I have never aspired to get into the tops of pornstars, both amateur and professional. I’m just pleased that more and more people are finding out about me, who can enjoy my content, the creation of which I treat with great love. Of course, I would love to take part in scenes with those actresses that I have listed. They are very cool.

Tell us everything we need to know about you.

I want to say that I have great love and respect for those guys who watch my content and jerk off to my videos and photos. I myself sometimes like to masturbate to a video I like, and I do it quite often, although there is more than enough sex in my life. I kiss everyone! bye-bye.

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