Lani Rails
Lani Rails (Age 35)
5 ft 1 in (155 cm)
September 07, 1988 in Norwalk, Ohio
114 lbs (52 Kg)
Career start
34D- 26-38
  • Name Lani Rails
  • Born September 07, 1988 in Norwalk, Ohio
  • Height 5 ft 1 in (155 cm)
  • Weight 114 lbs (52 Kg)
  • Measurements 34D- 26-38
Last Month 91.5
Rating Av.
Total of Votes 207

A MILF On The Loose

Lani RailsDo you love MILFS? Do you love young-looking moms with an appetite their husbands have failed to satisfy? It is a silly question; who doesn’t like them? And the perfect remedy for quenching that thirst is the blonde Lani Rails. Born September 7, 1988, somewhere in Florida, USA, not much is known about this hot doll. Thankfully, in this case, the journey is less important than the destination, and the audience likely agrees. However, one thing is known for sure: Lani is the future of the MILF category and your number one on those lonely days.

Loving It

Lani started her career only recently, filming one of her first videos on July 2022 with the famous Jax Slayher (BTS: Pint-Sized Size-Queen). A petite 5’1” and a giant 6’4”—the combination of the century. Together they film a spectacle in an all-white room in which both characters show they are top-notch. Besides the known-to-everybody Jax Slayher, Lani had the pleasure of doing it on camera with Brett Maker (Crushing My Stepmom’s Pussy (2022)), Johnny Love (I Thought You Liked Me (2022)), Jay Bangher (MILF Is an Opportunist (2022)), and DFW Knight (Lani Rails Meets the Knight). 

While Lani may not have a vast amount of professional content under her belt just yet, she’s already proven to be a talented performer with a promising career ahead. Her natural acting ability and captivating MILF looks have landed her roles for several studios, like Filthy Kings, Bang Bros, Hussie Pass, and Beyond Interracial. The audience knows sometimes quality is worth more than quantity, and it is the same with Lani. Her videos, even though few in number, are of significant value to the porn community. That makes it even harder to determine which one is the best. However, there is something extra about the scene with Brett Maker (Crushing My Stepmom’s Pussy (2022)). Dressed in a revealing summer dress, Lani gets persuaded by her charming and horny stepson to do something a bit different than usual. It is evident that Lani very much enjoys all the plays that take place in front of the cameras; her passion and dedication are tremendous. With this, Lani has the potential to make herself a name in the industry, although she persistently remains humble in her profession.

Military Joins the Industry

Even in her free time, Lani is dedicated to her craft, working out to maintain her toned physique through a rigorous fitness routine and healthy lifestyle. Also, she is the most prominent patriot you can find, being a military veteran. She serves her country in every way possible, making her people proud and happy.

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