Shaiden Rogue
Shaiden Rogue (Age 23)
5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
March 30, 2001 in Germany
128 lbs (58 kg)
Career start
  • Name Shaiden Rogue
  • Born March 30, 2001 in Germany
  • Nbr. of Movies -
  • Height 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
  • Weight 128 lbs (58 kg)
  • Measurements 34A-24-36
Last Month 94.9
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Total of Votes 803

German Jewel 

Shaiden RogueThis mesmerizing girl was born on March 30, 2001, in Germany. There are many beautiful girls in the adult industry, but Shaiden is truly uniquely beautiful, with her long dark-brown hair and big green eyes. Her full lips are almost always smiling. She is tall and has a slim body that is obviously a perfect work of Mother Nature. She has perfectly sculpted, firm tits of a size of 34B. Her small ass is gorgeous and has nice feminine curves. She has a warm personality and always looks at life from the bright side. Shaiden said she considers herself a happy person because she has great support from her dearest people, her family and her best friends.   

Sex & Fun

Shaiden is limitlessly ambitious. She experiences her job as a way to express the creative side of her character. At the same time, she explores her sexuality and sets no limits on the adventure. She isn’t a conventional porn model. She is a webcam girl and creates content on her own. Shaiden started to work in the beginning of 2019, when she was 18. So far, she made dozens of scenes, which contain solo, lesbian and hardcore games. All her scenes are awesome, partly because of her gorgeous appearance, but her skills and acting have the crucial part. She is using different sex toys in her solo scenes. She admitted that since she got a Womanizer, other sex toys don’t come to her mind at all. Sensuality is an essential part of her being that is especially noticeable in her lesbian scenes. They are intense and a true pleasure to watch. The things that turn her the most on women are their tits. She compared that with men’s fascination with women’s breasts. We really gave our best to find the names of girls she worked with, but found no valuable insights so we assume those are her close girlfriends. When it comes to hardcore, it is obvious how naughty this gorgeous girl is. She likes courteous and humorous men with a well-groomed body hair.

Shaiden RogueMen who are appearing in her scenes are also not professional porn actors. They are simply her choice. She doesn’t like her cocks too big. She cares more about skills than sizes.  Except for vaginal, she also created anal and creampie scenes. Some of her scenes are filmed in quite unusual places; in the dressing room of a store, public toilet, by the lake, on the street in the middle of the night, or even in her favorite place – a large comfortable bed between pillows. The thing where she has definitely moved the limits is sucking dicks. It seems that her favorite part of sex is giving a blowjob. They are astonishing and given with a great passion. She also showed a great lust for deep-throating. She said that the only proper deep-throat is when the tongue can touch the balls; otherwise, it is a fake. All the scenes that she made so far are viral. You can find some of them in different websites for free, like on Pornhub, for example. We must say that it would be really fair to pay for her effort, as her scenes are something you won’t regret paying for.,, and her private Snapchat profile, are the websites where you can pay to watch and at the same time support this gorgeous girl. She probably reached the tipping point where girls like her can make more money doing webcam work and amateur videos than they can in the mainstream porn industry. Money is not the point in her case but the thing of cause and effect. Creating and owning content from her own fantasies in a creative and specific way must be challenging, but that seems to be her goal.  

Pornhub Model

With no doubt, this girl deserves full respect and admiration. Her profile on Pornhub is one of the most-visited, and her scenes on have been viewed almost 65 million times. She made her own website recently, where, except for her videos, you can buy different merchandise. She likes long walks with her best friend, which are often without a particular goal. She likes to listen to R’n’B and hip-hop. If you are interested in Shaiden and her work, the best way to inform yourself about her new experiments is to follow her Twitter profile where she shares all relevant information.

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  • I could see Shaiden’s humorous side coming through loud and clear. She is very classy and a pleasure to watch.
    I am also impressed by the lack of visible tattoos and body piercings that Shaiden has chosen not to use. Good for you, baby. Your stock just shot up 10 points with me. It is always a pleasure to see someone that is having fun in their career.

  • The amount of times I have cummed watching her vids is astonishing- keep up the sexy work Shaiden!

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