Ashly Anderson
Ashley Anderson (Age 27)
5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
July 28, 1996 in Enterprise , Alabama, USA
115 lbs (52 kg)
Career start
  • Name Ashley Anderson
  • Born July 28, 1996 in Enterprise , Alabama, USA
  • Nbr. of Movies 20+
  • Height 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
  • Weight 115 lbs (52 kg)
  • Measurements 34D-22-32
Last Month 93
Rating Av.
Total of Votes 2099

Ashly AndersonAshly Anderson is an adult model and porn actress. She was born in Enterprise , Alabama, in July 28, 1996. She grew up with her family which she describes as awesome, and she lived a pretty normal life. This brunette hottie started making flicks in 2017.

The hot Ashly Anderson is a newbie in the porn industry. She, however, has been camming for a little over a year making her content. She admits to losing her virginity at the age of virginity though this is not what opened up the floodgates. Before she entered the porn industry, she had slept with five other men. Ashly has a quite impressive rack, size 34D she got done in January. She admits that she had a real flat chest and she wanted tits. She also acknowledges that she had a lot of fun doing web camming, but it later became stagnant, forcing her to think of trying something new. She thought for months on whether to join the porn industry but was not sure, and then she posted her profile on Adult DVD Talk where an agent found her.

Ashly AndersonAshly states that she was so nervous at the first scene but what calmed her nerves was the fact that it was just one guy holding the camera and not the whole crew around her. Her first time with girls was in her second scene which was a threesome, and she was nervous still, but she resolved just to do what she liked and realized the other girl was enjoying it. Ashly is still learning how to master the little tricks girls do, e.g., opening up and arching. She admits that posing is extremely difficult, and many people underestimate it, but she gets better each day.

Ashley admits that she loves older men than younger men. She likes a lot of foreplay, kissing, making out, touching, being felt-up, and having her pussy played with. She loves medium-sized cocks, and she is submissive. Off camera, she looks for a guy who is honest and has a sense of humor, for making her laugh is the most important thing and understanding what she does for a living. She likes going out with friends to party though she loves being at home watching Netflix. Comedy movies are her favorites, and her choice of music is hip-hop and rap. She likes masturbating, and Hitachi is her favorite method. She states that she does not watch porn and she never really did, and mainly likes to use her imagination, as she is a very sexual woman.

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