Aubry Babcock
Aubry Babcock, Aubrey Babcock (Age 21)
5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
March 26, 2003 in Idaho
105 lbs (48 Kg)
Career start
  • Name Aubry Babcock, Aubrey Babcock
  • Born March 26, 2003 in Idaho
  • Height 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
  • Weight 105 lbs (48 Kg)
  • Measurements 32D-26-38
Last Month 38.5
Rating Av.
Total of Votes 69

Is There Anything but Sex?

Aubry BabcockWell, guys, I am supposed to tell you a backstory here, but it’s just filled with fucking and screwing. The whole thing revolves around nailing someone. But to no avail, because I always give my best: Please welcome the lady of the night, the hoe among hoes, the one that topped 300 bodies, the one and only Aaaauuuubry Babcock! For some seriousness now, Aubry Babcock comes from the countryside of Idaho and has been raised as a country girl in—this will be a shock—a Mormon family. They must be proud to have a highly liberal daughter. Anyhow, she managed to lose her virginity at 14 and just kept going because the sky is the limit. Now, tell me, folks: where does one get fucked the most?

More Sex?

Since screwing is far from over in Aubry Babcock’s life, we have plenty to talk about now. First of all, the big date, her professional opening of a pornstar career, happened on December 5, 2022, alongside a professional actor Mitt Aziani. What to even consider a professional college when someone has Aubry’s experience and history? Anyhow, the scene was made for Backroom Casting Couch (Ride ‘em Cowgirl (2022)). Do I even need to tell you if it went well or not? It is probably the best audition sex ever recorded. And did Aubry have to sweat a nail for that? NO! She handled it like a pro, which she is. So, she got an 11/10.

Aubry BabcockSince her debut, Aubry has been making waves in the industry, starring in over 30 films by December 2023, including collaborations with top studios like Dog Fart, Cherry Pimps, Mylf, Reality Kings, and Team Skeet. Her on-screen chemistry with leading men like Jax Slayher (Aubry Babcock Likes to Play Games (2023)), Codey Steele (Aubry Babcock Wants Your Cum Live (2023)), Parker Ambrose and Armani Black (Bowled Over (2023)), and Johnny Love (Cock on the Clock (2023)) has earned her a reputation as a rising star to watch.

With her slim frame and a pair of Ds, Aubry is the perfect choice for fans of the teen category, but her talents are not limited to just one genre. She loves to experiment and is open to both girls and boys, making her a versatile performer who can deliver a plethora of sexual content for her fans. Anal, A2M, GG is by 2023, and who knows what waits in 2024 and beyond. In short, Aubry Babcock is the complete package, a young and beautiful actress with a bright future ahead of her and a strong history behind her. Her debut and pre-industry knowledge may have been what put her on the map, but it is her undeniable talent and stunning looks that will keep her fans coming back for more.

Wife Material After All?

Well, well, well gents, if this is not a perfect chick for a true American cowboy. Apparently, Aubry is a complete country girl, excluding the extensive amount of sex she had. She loves to hunt, fish, cook what she catches, and drive a truck. Man, Aubry must also love to chug a bear down the hatch. If one can go over the number of things she chugged down the hatch, Aubry becomes the perfect wife material for a cowboy.

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