Juelz Ventura
Juelz Ventura (Age 36)
5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
July 31, 1987 in Brasilia, Brazil
114 lbs (54 Kg)
Career start
  • Name Juelz Ventura
  • Born July 31, 1987 in Brasilia, Brazil
  • Nbr. of Movies 270+
  • Height 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
  • Weight 114 lbs (54 Kg)
  • Measurements 32DD-24-34
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Juelz VenturaThe Brazilian Vixen

Juelz Ventura is a 28 years old vixen born in capital city of Brazil, Brasilia, on 31 July 1987, but she moved to the US pretty soon after, where she grew up in in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. She’s not so tall, 5 feet and 5 inches (165 cm), thing that makes her curves and bust look bigger and more imposing. Her natural hair color is brown, but you’ll see her in movies rocking a dark black or a blonde hairstyle. Since I mentioned her bust, you should know exactly how big it is. Juelz enchants her fans with her pair of 32DD knockers. Her boobs are fake and she went through two implants to get them this big. Her natural boobs were A size, which she augmented a C size before settling for these magnificent DDs. She also has wide hips and a big Latina ass. Not only that she is a hot Latina, but she’s proud of it, even tattooing this word on the back of her neck. She has plenty of other tattoos, her entire right arm being covered in them. She also likes piercings and she has them in her navel, upper lip, left nostril and one in her perky clitoris.

A Stormy Debut That Guaranteed Success

The debut in the world of porn wasn’t the classic one for Juelz. She joined the adult industry out of spite for her ex-husband. After her divorce, she was so mad with her ex that she decided to revenge by fucking lots of strangers in front of the camera. That’s because while they were together, she found some sex tapes of her husband on his computer, cheating on her with multiple girls. Two days later, she got a porn offer in the mail. As Juelz is a vengeful person, she took this chance and not only that she fucked another man in front of the camera, but she had the video uploaded on the internet. At first she used the stage names Shayne St. Lucia and Layna Laurel, but she changed it to Juelz Ventura once she got her boobs augmented.

Juelz VenturaShe started out in porn back in 2008, but it wasn’t until 2010 and the feature on the Penthouse magazine cover that she began to know fame. Since then till now all the major studios contracted her. She performed in well over 270 movies, most of them for major studios and porn networks such as Brazzers, Bang Bros, Naughty America and more. Although her performances are well received by the public, she only won two awards so far, both of them during the 2012 AVN Gala and both of them for the same movie “American Cocksucking Sluts”. Her scene with Brooklyn Lee in this movie brought her the Most Outrageous Sex Scene and Best Oral Sex Scene titles. She is also very known in the world of feet porn and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do on the screen, including anal and double penetration.

A Porn Star Who Takes Care Of Her Body

Her perfect Latina body is not just a genetic pool jackpot. She trains hard every day to maintain such a fit physique. She also tans regularly to keep her luscious skin beautiful and she is passionate about pole dancing. So much so that she has a pole in her living room and she trains every morning. She’s not the stereotypical type of porn star who is out clubbing and sniffing cocaine all the time. She’s a hard working woman who made a career in the adult industry. If you want to catch a glimpse of her personal life, you can do so on her tweeter account, where she posts all her adventures and responds to fan requests.

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  • You guys put a lot of hype into that she was born in Brazil.She is more an American Girl than a Latin American Latina.You don’t, end up with a Good Ass because you are born in Latin America.She is So LaTina she does Not even Speak Portuguese.They also say she is Arab Lebanese,Jewish and Sicillan.Sounds more a North American than a South American to me.Plus she was Raised in the USA.

    • Sure… all the best things come from USA… sorry about that asshole….

      She was born and raised till 6 in Brazil… she´s brazilian. Now she looks like american but that´s because she grown up in the US, but her genetics is brazilian.

  • A GIRL Who chose to Take a Life of a Porn model , has a Unique Culture .It doesn’t matter
    Where does they were Born .
    Yes, most of them either brought up in THE USA Or Came later in their Life to make money. That’s all !

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