Kimora Quin
Kimora Quin, Kimoraquin
5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
April 10, 2002 San Francisco, USA
145 lbs (66 kg)
Career start
  • Name Kimora Quin, Kimoraquin
  • Born April 10, 2002 San Francisco, USA
  • Height 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
  • Weight 145 lbs (66 kg)
  • Measurements 34C-28-40
Last Month 19.7
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Total of Votes 235

A Proud Filipina American

Everyone deserves one dazzling Filipina to make their day, and 2021 was a lucky year for all porn enthusiasts out there. In that year, the industry had the honor of receiving Kimora Quin into its ranks. Born and raised in San Francisco from April 10, 2002, Kimora was always a big troublemaker. Even in her high school years, she often questioned things and authority but remained an excellent student, graduating as early as sixteen. However, one thing besides her rebellious spirit influenced her life—she was a flirt to the core and has remained so. After finishing her secondary education, there was no dilemma for her; she even said it herself when asked why: “I am just really horny and wanted to get fucked on camera.”

Dipping the Toe First

Before Kimora went all in on the adult performances, she enlisted with OnlyFans, dipping her toe before the swim. Once she was sure that the waters were warm enough, she jumped head-on, filming her first scene for the studio Team Skeet (New Beauty from San Francisco (2021)). Bobby Beefcakes, who is an expert in handling newcomers, had the pleasure of dealing first with Kimora. The first cadre gave the audience an image of an enchanting Asian girl adorned in a delicate cross-neck bandeau and slim-fitting Texas shorts. The entire scene was as breathtaking as her looks, launching Missy’s career. From the 9th of March 2021, up until March 2023, Kimora filmed almost 50 movies of outstanding quality. Some of her works were made for studios like Brazzers, Evil Angel, Blow Pass, Facials4K, and Kinky Pass. Each scene represented what the studios’ names are known for: quality adult material.

After two years of filming, Kimora has partnered up with many notable actors and actresses. To name a few: Ricky Johnson (Fuck Me On Company Time (2022)), Quinton James (Oiled Island Girl (2021)), Kimmy Kimm and Jimmy Michaels (Fucking My GF’s Tall Lookalike Roomie (2022)), and Mike Adriano (Kimora is Cock Hungry (2022)). For now, there are a few videos in which the audience can see Kimora get nasty with two men. It is expected to see more of these because multiple men at the party are her favorites; even gangbangs are a desired future for her. Something along these lines can be seen in the scene for Shop Lyfter with Mike Mancini and Rusty Nails (Case No. 7906189 – the Short Shorts Thief (2022)). Two hardworking cops had to combine their strengths to apprehend the shoplifter and put an end to her lustfulness—well, at least for that afternoon.

Loving the Plants and The Fans

Kimora has two loves—three if we include porn—one is taking care of her plants, and the other is taking care of her most loyal fans. She loves gardening and pays equal attention to her twenty plants in the apartment, but she has to admit more love is saved for her fans. Whoever wants can go to her manyvids and get a custom video for themselves—for some bucks, of course.

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