Rank 549 Votes 570

Percy Sires

Percy Sires aka Percy Cires or Percy is a young American actress who had always wanted to be famous doing things she loved. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada Percy Sires started her adult career..

Rank 1285 Votes 166

Kate Quinn

Kate Quinn is a beautiful starlet in the AV world. Born 1st May 2001 in Russia, she had her formal education in the country and made quite a number of friends. She grew up under the care of her..

Rank 2003 Votes 376

Olivia Jayy

Olivia Jayy aka Oilvia is an actress who has spent only a little time in the porn industry but has become a sensation. She was born on 27th December 1989 in the United States.

Rank 1551 Votes 286

Honey Hayes

Honey Hayes is one of the youngest stars in the porn industry. Born on 17th January 2001, she was raised with her sisters by her parents in California, United States. Honey Hayes is someone who is..

Rank 2004 Votes 166

Brooklyn Springvalley

Brooklyn Springvalley was born on 6th March 1987, and was raised in Allendale, New Jersey, U.S. She is an adult actress who has always wanted to be in the spotlight right from a young age.

Rank 1616 Votes 220

Marilyn Johnson

Marilyn Johnson is an adult actress born on 11th May 1999 and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. She had an upbringing like every normal child, only that she saw herself as a “Shy Nerd"

Rank 613 Votes 431

Ava Sinclaire

Ava Sinclaire is an adult model and actress who gained prominence in 2020 for her incredible work in the porn industry. She was born on 5th September 1997 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Rank 1797 Votes 741

Coco Lovelock

Coco Lovelock (often called Coco) is a model and adult actress born on 10th June 1999 in Nevada, Las Vegas, United States. Coco Lovelock joined the adult porn movie-making industry in 2019.

Rank 1854 Votes 578

Audrey Madison

Audrey Madison is a Libra queen born on 16th October 1988 in Alabama, United States. Audrey Madison, who also goes by Audrey Alien did a couple of modelling jobs before venturing into the adult...

Rank 1729 Votes 262

Sawyer Cassidy

Sawyer Cassidy is an adult video actress who was born on 1st August 1999 in Texas. Raised by a single father, she grew up in Louisiana. Her father was a very young man who loved to party, so she was..

Rank 1822 Votes 273

Electra Rayne

Electra Raye is one of the sexiest chics in the AV industry. Born Elektra Rayne in Chicago, Illinois United States..The curvy actress with flirty voice loves to make movies so that people could watch.

Rank 510 Votes 675

Kiki Klout

Kiki Klout is an American adult model and actress. She was born on 21st July 1995 in Tampa, Florida. Kiki has the story of many personalities in the Industry: the young girl who wanted to become..

Rank 1766 Votes 507

April Olsen

April Olsen is an American actress, porn star, model, Instagram celebrity, and a social media sensation. She was born in New Jersey on 12th January 1996 and was raised by her parents.

Rank 1825 Votes 393

Bonnie Dolce

Mention one of the top Hungarian AV actresses known and Bonnie Dolce is on the list. She was born on 1st January 1996 in Hungary, and had her formal and tertiary education in the country..

Rank 1865 Votes 465

Mia Trejsi

Mia Trejsi aka Mia Tracy is an adult actress who is currently making waves in the industry. She was born on 29th October 1999 in Ukraine and grew up in the country with her family. Mia joined..

Rank 1792 Votes 432

Maya Woulfe

Maya Woulfe is one of the starlets of the AV industry. She was born on 21st June 1996 in the United States. She was raised in Los Angeles, California, where she had her primary and tertiary education.

Rank 1744 Votes 387

Scarlet Skies

Scarlet Skies is a trending star in the AV industry. She was born on 16th April, 1999 in Opelika, Alabama, United States and was raised by her grandma. She spent most of her time on a 1000-acre farm..

Rank 1863 Votes 630

Fiona Frost

Fiona Frost is one of the young adult actresses who rose to fame in a short time in the industry. She was born on 15th November 2000 and was raised in Toledo, Ohio, United States. She grew up in the..

Rank 1555 Votes 263

Katie Kush

Born on 21st April 1997 in San Tan Valley, Arizona, America, Katie Kush is an American model whose face is familiar in the industry. In 2016, she was old enough to start making decisions for herself..

Rank 1421 Votes 521

Penelope Kay

Penelope Kay is the perfect model. She is one of the recognized faces in the porn industry, following her many unclothed videos and photoshoots. She was born 29th January 2001 in California..

Rank 1685 Votes 289

Amy Amor

Amy Amor, born 26th September 1998 in Barcelona, Spain, is one of the hottest chicks in the AV industry. The Latina chick started as an adult model after nursing the dream of becoming one for..

Rank 1516 Votes 354

Stefany Kyler

Stefany Kyler is one of the youngest people in the adult industry that can turn many heads. Born on 7th September 2001 in Russia, she has made a name for herself. Stefany began her career in 2020..

Rank 1857 Votes 432

Yumi Sin

Yumi Sin aka Bella Mercury is one of those girls that always bring good vibes. This sweet brunette has big brown eyes and a bit shy smile. Her height is just 4ft. 11 in. and her body is amazing..

Rank 1431 Votes 193

Nina Diaz

Nina Diaz is an exceptionally interesting new starlet, primarily because of her looks, and then because of her sexual addiction. The first thing that attracts attention is her huge curly hair under..

Rank 1855 Votes 508

Lauren Pixie

Born Lauren Salinas, Lauren Pixie is one of the new names in the adult industry. She was born in the United States on 3rd February, 1993. Lauren Pixie is an adult model, cosplayer, musician..

Rank 1874 Votes 402

Nina Pink

Nina Pink is a stunning new model that takes a breath away with her looks, slutty manners and overall, awesome performances. Her multi-ethnic heritage gave her incredibly beautiful and exotic..

Rank 1279 Votes 283

Jane Rogers

Jane Rogers is exactly where she belongs, to the porn industry. The red color of her hair suggests that she is hot as fire. She is an exceptionally cute girl who has sparkling green eyes and a bright

Rank 1091 Votes 216

Miha Nika

Let's clarify things right at the beginning. Veronika Troshina and her boyfriend Mikhail Morozov are actually MihaNika69. We are especially interested here in Veronika or Nika. This stunning Russian..

Rank 1084 Votes 230

Camila Cortez

Simply said, Camila Cortez is adorable. This Latin spinner has one of the cutest faces on the porn scene. She has long black hair, big brown eyes and a smile that melts ice in a split second..

Rank 1546 Votes 409

Kay Lovely

The industry has gotten another gem that already fascinated the audience. Her name is Kay Lovely. As her name suggests, this blonde is exceptionally lovely, has sparkling brown eyes and an amazingly..

Rank 1326 Votes 286

Selena Love

Selena Love is new to the industry, full of sweetness and mesmerizing innocence. This cute brunette has brown eyes and an amazing smile. Her petite body is fit and slender. She has a pair of nice tits

Rank 559 Votes 531

Nadia Noja

Nadia Noja is new to the industry but she seems like she has always been in it. This long-haired brunette has beautifully expressed facial features, brown eyes and a lovely smile and that is what..

Rank 1336 Votes 244

Minxx Marley

Minxx Marley is a new irresistible treat, full of cuteness but filthiness also. Her sweet face, big blue eyes and lovely smile leave no one indifferent. This blonde has a slender body, or as we like..

Rank 1649 Votes 567

Charlie Forde

Stunning all-natural, blonde, blue-eyed Aussie adult star, content producer, and pole dancer Charlie Forde has been in the adult industry and exploring sex and fantasies for six years..

Rank 1646 Votes 331

Ailee Anne

Ailee Anne is a stunningly gorgeous young woman with blonde hair, cheerful brown eyes and a lovely smile. She is of average height and has a fit body. Her tits have a size of 32B, and her small ass..

Rank 1632 Votes 351

Jessica Marie

The generation of 2002 is already considerably present in the industry. They are still teens wishful of proving their naughtiness, kinkiness and are the future basis of porn. Jessica Marie is a cutie

Rank 1660 Votes 549

Nicole Sage

After Nicole Sage decided to do what she sincerely wanted, the porn industry became richer and more colorful. She was even envisioning herself going into porn much earlier than she actually did..

Rank 1634 Votes 306

Layla Belle

Layla Belle aka Layla Quinn has additionally warmed up the porn industry with her recent join. This all-natural blonde has a lovely face, cheerful blue eyes and a provocative smile. Shaping her body..

Rank 1519 Votes 314

Reyna Delacruz

Reyna Delacruz is the closest to the perfect candidate for one of the cutest new porn stars. This exceptionally beautiful girl has long black hair, dark brown eyes and her smile is as sweet as the..

Rank 1683 Votes 330

Telari Love

Telari Love is a Russian sex attraction but also a world-famous seductress. She is an incredibly beautiful girl with big brown eyes, nice full lips and a seducing smile. She changes her hair color..

Rank 959 Votes 393

Ryan Reid

Ryan Reid is an American porn actress who is hot as hellfire. This raven-haired girl has such a sweet face, big brown eyes and a lovely smile that even melts stone hearts. Ryan is short in growth but

Rank 1810 Votes 835

Jessica Starling

Jessica Starling is everything the word starlet means, and even more than that. This natural brunette has a lovely face, big brown eyes, luscious lips and a seductive smile. Her all-natural body is..

Rank 823 Votes 331

XxLayna Marie

Let's make a thing clear right in the beginning. XxLayna is pronounced Yuh-Layna, which means trust, truth and light. Marie has the meaning of a star of the sea. It is easy to guess that she is..

Rank 1240 Votes 257

Silvia Soprano

Silvia Soprano is satisfaction for mind, body and soul. This charming girl has the face of a doll, big brown eyes and a wide smile. She is of average height and has a fit body. Her tits have a nice..

Rank 2002 Votes 160

Gorgeous Aphro

Gorgeous Aphro is an American porn star who was born on December 14, 1998, in Daytona, Ohio. She lives in Las Vegas now. This natural black-haired cutie has brown eyes and a lovely smile..

Rank 493 Votes 738

Angelica Cruz

Angelica Cruz is a vivacious Latina that takes a breath away. She is a natural brunette who likes to change her hairstyle and the color of her hair, so we were seeing her as a black-haired stunner..

Rank 1908 Votes 116

Yola Flimes

Yola Flimes attracted a lot of attention at the audience with her sexy properties but also with her mischievous attitude. The curly-haired redhead cutie has brown eyes and a lovely smile..

Rank 1563 Votes 375

Alessia Luna

Alessia Luna aka Carmen Carmella is one of those girls that attracts attention at the first glance. This lovely brunette has long hair, green eyes and a smile that seduces. Her body is stunning..

Rank 1901 Votes 240

Ebony Mystique

It is hard to decide on which part of this goddess to turn attention on at first; the mind, body, or soul? Let’s start in a common way. Ebony Mystique is a gorgeous black woman with an intriguing..

Rank 1972 Votes 498

Taylee Wood

Taylee Wood is one of the rising stars in Europe but and beyond. This incredibly cute brunette has big blue innocent eyes and a warm smile. She is of average height and has a superb curvy body..

Rank 991 Votes 313

Alice Visby

Alice Visby is a super-hot new starlet and a social media star. This attractive brunette with blue eyes has a pretty face and a lovely smile. Her hot and fit body has feminine curves that breathtaking

Rank 1176 Votes 326

Harley King

Harley King is a new face in the industry who has already drawn attention to herself with her cuteness and sexiness. This natural-born blonde with a cute face and blue eyes has a sweet and warm smile.

Rank 1441 Votes 306

Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson is a stunning brunette with big brown eyes and a sweet smile. This sweetheart has a hot body but the shape of her ass is a superior masterpiece of nature. And her tits have an..

Rank 1926 Votes 309

Ms London

Ms London is a black porn star that delights the audience with her naughty performances and voluptuous body. She is a black-haired girl with black eyes and her full lips make a lovely smile.

Rank 1225 Votes 185

Kenzi Foxx

Kenzi Foxx is a wife, mother of three and an adventurer who has proven that it is never too late to live a life dream. This next-door blonde MILF has blue eyes and seducing smile. She is of average..

Rank 1870 Votes 178

Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson is a young Russian starlet who was born on October 28, 2000. She is a cute brunette with hazel eyes and a seductive smile. Her petite body is a harmony of feminine curves that take breath

Rank 1690 Votes 131

Braylin Bailey

Braylin Bailey is a Northern Californian stunner who was born on May 18, 2000. This blonde angel with blue eyes and a slightly shy smile is a dream girl for most of the audience. She is of average..

Rank 1717 Votes 56

Missy Robins

Missy Robins was born on July 20, 2001, in Florida. She is a beautiful girl with brown curly hair, dark brown eyes and a shy smile. Her body is all-natural that seems pretty strong. She has a pair..

Rank 1785 Votes 896

Lana Roy

Lana Roy is the type of girl whose beauty leaves both men and women speechless. This gorgeous long-haired brunette has hazel eyes, full lips and a wide smile that completes her identity..

Rank 1715 Votes 598

Zuzu Sweet

Zuzu Sweet aka Sofia De Bum is a Czech porn actress, fashion model and content creator. This girl has all the features of a gorgeous woman; black hair, hazel eyes and a wide smile. She has always..

Rank 489 Votes 769

Freya Parker

Freya Parker is one of the sweetest treats the porn industry could offer these days. This beautiful young brunette has great facial features, deep green eyes and an innocent but sweet smile..

Rank 1642 Votes 76

Miaa Moore

Miaa Moore is a stunningly hot girl may be because of her mixed heritage. She is half Italian and half Russian. This long-haired brunette has beautiful brown eyes and a seductive smile..

Rank 1692 Votes 118

Penelope Woods

Penelope Woods is a whole package of sweetness, filthiness and naughtiness. This adorable brunette has a sweet face, brown eyes and a beautiful smile that shows what a giver and pleaser she is.

Rank 1845 Votes 258

Haley Spades

Haley Spades is what we call a fun-sized beauty. She is a beautiful blue-eyed blonde with a sweet face and an even sweeter smile. Standing just at 4 feet 8 inches and with less than 100 pounds..

Rank 1895 Votes 110

Lagoon Blaze

Lagoon Blaze was born on April 29, 2000, in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. This blue-eyed cutie has shiny red hair and a seducing smile. She is tall and has a slender body that is outstanding..

Rank 1964 Votes 278

Tina Fire

Tina Fire has the charm, style and a filthy mind. She is an amazing-looking woman with black curly hair, brown eyes and a provocative smile. She is of average height and has a slim body that is hot..

Rank 1809 Votes 850

Angel Youngs

Angel Youngs is a new gem of the porn industry and a pleasant surprise that no one has expected from such a young girl. This blue-eyed blonde has a pretty face and a smile that says fuck me..

Rank 1478 Votes 541

Bailey Base

Bailey Base aka Bailey Bows is one of the cutest and kinkiest girls that entered the industry recently. This brunette with brown eyes has a cute face as her smile is. She has a petite body with..

Rank 1670 Votes 605

Jordan Maxx

Jordan Maxx is a stunningly hot blonde who has big brown eyes and one of the most beautiful smiles. She is of average height and has the body of a nymph. Her gorgeous and all-natural tits have a size

Rank 1357 Votes 97

Remi Jones

Remi Jones is a blue-eyed sweetie who has black hair and a lovely smile. Her body is a real perfection packed in a petite form. She has a pair of nicely shaped tits with pierced nipples. Her ass..

Rank 1743 Votes 412

Jamie Jett

Jamie Jett is an extremely interesting person who has an unrestrained sex drive. She is a cute blonde who has blue eyes and a lovely smile. Her petite body is real perfection. Jamie is an intelligent

Rank 1781 Votes 496

Juicy Leila

Juicy Leila is as beautiful as she is filthy. This black-haired stunner has blue eyes and seducing smile. She is of average height and has a slim body that is perfectly shaped. Her gorgeous tits..

Rank 1536 Votes 373

Alexa Rovento

Alexa Rovento is a new Russian porn star who was born on July 25, 1997. This stunning brunette has mesmerizing blue eyes and a seriously seducing smile. She is of average height and has a hot body.

Rank 844 Votes 278

Samantha Reigns

It has only been a couple of years since the shy girl became a hot starlet and the porn industry got a fresh, red strawberry. Samantha Reigns or Sam abbreviated is an incredibly cute girl with blue..

Rank 746 Votes 275

Mila Monet

Mila Monet is a girl who caught the eye of the audience even before she entered the industry. Such a young and beautiful black-haired girl is real refreshment for the world of porn. She has sparkling

Rank 1611 Votes 364

Delilah Day

Delilah Day is a fresh face in the industry that delights with her beauty and perversity. This breathtaking blonde has dark brown eyes and a birthmark like Merlin Monroe just had. She has a petite..

Rank 860 Votes 245

Hanna Rey

There is not much difference between Hanna and other Russian porn stars; they are all extremely naughty. Hanna Rey was born on December 9, 1999. This cute blonde has limpid blue eyes..

Rank 743 Votes 281

Emily Mayers

The first dilemma about Emily Myers is whether she is prettier or naughtier. This lovely brunette has green eyes and a gorgeous smile. She is of average height and has a perfect and all-natural body..

Rank 1393 Votes 390

Madi Collins

Some call her a pint-sized perfection, little sexy whirligig, or a still wild child, and they are not wrong. Madi Collins is even more of all that. She is a cute natural redhead with cheerful green..

Rank 781 Votes 402

Nikki Sweet

Nikki Sweet is a stunning blonde who has Pacific-blue eyes and who loves smiling. Her body is irresistibly hot, slender and all-natural. She said that her tits were bigger while she was in high school

Rank 744 Votes 276

Selina Bentz

Appearance is a cheater, which has been proven a million times so far. Selina Bentz has an innocent look but the nature of a bad girl. This cute brunette has blue eyes and an adorable smile..

Rank 1812 Votes 640

Alina Ali

It is easy to fall in love with an all-natural exotic beauty such as Alina Ali. This pretty young woman has lovely brown eyes and a wide smile, while all around her head are tiny curls that give her..

Rank 1798 Votes 595

Mona Blue

Mona Blue is one of those girls that attract attention at the first sight. This sweet brunette has blue eyes and a shy smile that perfectly hides her naughty nature. She is below average height..

Rank 488 Votes 770

Alexia Anders

Alexia Anders has traits that could be described in the superlative. She is super-cute, super-hot and super-sensual when it comes to sex. Alexia is an amazing mixture of two different cultures..

Rank 1249 Votes 484

Maddy May

Let's presume the porn industry is paradise, and then Maddy May is an angel that captivates with its beauty. This gorgeous brunette has long hair, brown eyes and a gorgeous smile..

Rank 1543 Votes 442

Tristan Summers

Tristan Summers is a super-cute teen that captivates with charm and naughtiness. This curly brunette can seduce just with her brown eyes and long eyelashes. She has a wonderful smile despite..

Rank 1974 Votes 386

Sidra Sage

The life story of Sidra Sage is a right example of how life can be unpredictable and fulfilled at the same time. This short-haired blonde lady has a beautiful face and a mischievous smile..

Rank 1738 Votes 584

Paola Hard

Paola Hard is a lovely Spanish girl who was born on January 15, 2000, in a port city called Almería. This blonde bombshell has a pair of penetrating brown eyes and a smile that charms..

Rank 690 Votes 361

Destiny Cruz

There is no doubt that Destiny Cruz is a real gem in many ways, but before all, she is specific because of her black, white and Korean heritages that give her an adorable appearance. This lovely young

Rank 1811 Votes 729

Artemisia Love

Artemisia Love is a brand new Italian porn star who made the industry richer and more colorful. This lovely brunette has dark-brown eyes and a nice smile that seduces. For a difference from most..

Rank 772 Votes 445

Hazel Heart

There are so many beautiful women in the industry, but Hazel Heart is something really special. This intriguing cute girl is all of the hazel colors. From the color of her skin, pretty eyes to the..

Rank 1475 Votes 638

Kayley Gunner

Attention! Salute Kayley Gunner, the former member of the US Army who put down a weapon and found a completely new occupation. This amazing young woman has a beautiful face, blonde hair..

Rank 1791 Votes 78

Cam Damage

Cam Damage doesn’t hate cams, they are her extended arm in the work she does. First of all, she is a brunette who has hazel eyes and a cheerful smile. She is tall and has a svelte body. Her tits are...

Rank 1680 Votes 495

Petite Princess Eve

Petite Princess Eve is an England porn star and has nothing to do with the royal lineage, except for her name. She was born in London, on February 19, but the year of her birth is a closely secret..

Rank 1862 Votes 691

Tori Cummings

For the uninitiated, Tori Cummings is an Australian glamour model, famous for her extremely sexy appearance and naughty attitude that she presented to the world recently. This beauty has long platinum

Rank 1064 Votes 286

Ashlee Juliet

Ashlee Juliet is a multi-ethnic, multi-talented and before all, super-sexy young lady who was born on June 2, 1999, in Los Angeles. She has a pretty face with pronounced facial features, hazel eyes..

Rank 1823 Votes 608

Venom Evil

Venom Evil is one of those girls who are living for pleasure. She was born on Jun 19, 1995, in Barcelona, Spain. This brunette has lovely hazel eyes and a seducing smile. She is under the average..

Rank 1626 Votes 548

Lottie Magne

So cute, so sexy and dangerously stunning, that can only be Lottie Magne, the brand new refreshment from the heart of Russia. This red-haired cutie has a beautiful face that leaves the impression..

Rank 836 Votes 302

Paris Amour

Paris Amour is one of the most talented newbies of the porn industry and is on our list of the 50 best new starlets. She refreshed the industry with her addictive cuteness and a unique appearance..

Rank 504 Votes 688

Annabel Redd

Some people inherited from their ancestors' blue eyes, white teeth, or maybe curly hair. Annabel Redd has inherited something exceptional that has an enormous value in this industry; big natural tits.

Rank 1735 Votes 796

Kendall Karter

Kendall Carter could be a fashion icon and we would only enjoy her beauty, grace and physique, but she decided to show us her naughty side too. She is a brunette with a gorgeous face, blue eyes..

Rank 1771 Votes 149

Flora Rodgers

Flora Rodgers was born on St. Valentine’s Day (February 14) 1997, in Seattle, Washington. This blue-eyed brunette has a cute face and at the same time charming and seducing smile..

Rank 1829 Votes 853

Siya Jey

There is something charming about Russian women that blind the rest of the world. Siya Jey belongs to this group of stunning women. This nice-looking blonde has blue eyes and a lovely smile..

Rank 1547 Votes 389

Barbie Esm

Barbie Esm is one of the filthiest European porn-stars that recently started performing in the adult industry. She was born on June 14, 1995, in a small town called Jelemnice, Czech Republic.

Rank 715 Votes 329

Fiona Sprouts

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is a famous phrase that fits perfectly into Fiona's personality profile. She is an incredibly cute blonde who has blue eyes and a beautiful smile behind which t...

Rank 1542 Votes 565

Florane Russell

Some girls are simply born to be sex symbols; Florane is absolutely one of those. Flawless from head to toe, Florane’s pretty face, blue eyes and charming smile are breathtaking. She is of average..

Rank 1266 Votes 342

Tana Waters

Tana Waters never pretends and she is always what she really is. She is always cruelly and truly honest to the end, and faking never was an option in her life. This cutie has dirty-blonde hair..

Rank 908 Votes 333

Addee Kate

Addee Kate is one of the girls that we call a fun-sized spinner. This cute natural blonde has a youthful face, almond eyes and a charming smile. She is of average height and has a pretty skinny body..

Rank 630 Votes 403

Alyssia Bounty

Alyssa Bounty was born on November 30, 1999, in the Republic of Moldova. She has a face of an angel and the body of a sex goddess. Her hair is black and long, and she has brown eyes and a seducing..

Rank 1636 Votes 956

Andi Rose

Andi Rose got bored of singing opera and turned to her old love, sex. She is an extremely likable person with a girl-next-door appearance. It is completely impossible to remain indifferent when this..

Rank 1463 Votes 444

Sahara Skye

Sahara Skye is a big fan of every sensual feeling in life, whether it's music, dance, art, or sex. She was born on May 25, 1996, in Santa Monica, California. She is an exceptionally pretty woman who..

Rank 1788 Votes 617

Portia Paris

Appearance is always a matter of choice, and Portia Paris has her own that is quite unique. She was a redhead, black-haired, brunette, but somehow she loved herself the most as a blonde like she is..

Rank 1606 Votes 836

Mary Moody

There is one word that can be used to describe this girl from head to toe: stunning. Mary Moody is one of the prettiest girls in the adult entertainment industry. She has a beautiful face, lovely..

Rank 1094 Votes 392

Gizelle Blanco

Friends call her Gizzy, and porn fans know her as Gizelle Blanco. She is a stunning Hawaiian-born girl that takes a breath away. The key to her beauty may lie in her multi-ethnic heritage that is..

Rank 1255 Votes 389

Elen Million

Some women are rightly compared to wine; they are better as they get older. Elen Million was born on April 21, 1978, in Russia. Her pretty face, brown eyes and full lips give her an irresistible..

Rank 1365 Votes 873

Alyx Star

Alyx Star was born on September 7, 1998, in the Bay Area. This exceptionally cute girl has long dark brown hair, lovely gray eyes and a charming smile. She is of average height and has a body with..

Rank 607 Votes 439

Emelie Crystal

Emelie seems like an ordinary girl who is an actress and webcam model, but she is much more than that. In general she is a beautiful girl who has light-brown long hair, brown eyes and a charming smile

Rank 1671 Votes 597

Eyla Moore

Eyla Moore is a Latvian porn star who was born on August 30, 1997, in Riga. She has a beautiful face, natural blonde hair and a pair of lovely brown eyes. Her warm smile is capable of a meltdown of..

Rank 1309 Votes 102

Brixley Benz

Brixley Benz is a uniquely hot girl who is of Mexican, Puerto Rican and Dominican descent. This curly brunette has a beautiful face, dark-brown eyes and a seducing smile. She is of average height..

Rank 1629 Votes 532

Lil Karla

Lil Karla is a Latvian erotic model who was born in 2001. She is an exceptionally cute girl who has blonde hair and an innocent smile. The color of her blue eyes reminds of the color of the Caribbean

Rank 1561 Votes 526

Winter Bell

The stunning sensation called Winter Bell is one of the hottest newcomers who started their careers in 2020. This blonde cutie has blue eyes and a delightful smile that enchants at first sight..

Rank 514 Votes 667

Sabrina Spice

There is only one life and it would be a shame to waste it. This is Sabrina’s attitude and she lives her life just like that. She was born on April 22, 2000, in Baltesti, Romania. Sabrina is a cute....

Rank 651 Votes 388

Paisley Bennett

Paisley Bennett is a blonde girl who has dark-brown eyes, and her lovely smile is always on. She is small by stature and has a petite body framed with hot curves. Her tits have a size of 34B..

Rank 1778 Votes 720


Black as a starless night and as beautiful as summer dawn, that should be enough for the initial presentation of Zaawaadi. Her name in the Swahili language means a gift or present. Kenya is her home..

Rank 1745 Votes 163

Leah Meow

We have the pleasure to introduce you to a little hot sunshine from the cold European north, Leah Meow. She was born on July 24, 1996, in Helsinki, Finland. Her green eyes are penetrating..

Rank 1986 Votes 282

Penny Archer

Life sometimes doesn’t go the way we planned. Penny Archer’s life is a perfect example that confirms this fact. She has dark blonde hair, big green eyes and a seducing smile..

Rank 1451 Votes 686

Sigal Acon

Life is happiness, sex is joy, and money is good stuff. These are some of the life attitudes of one of the new rising stars, Sigal Acon. She is the embodiment of the perfect woman for many people..

Rank 1532 Votes 440

Harmony Rivers

There is something charming about Harmony Rivers. Maybe it is because of her cute face, beautiful blue eyes, seducing smile or it's all of this together. She is of average height and has an incredible

Rank 1065 Votes 792

Mina Moon

Mina Moon is one of those girls that attract attention at the first glance. This Asian stunning girl is actually just half Korean and the other half of her heritage is European. She is a long-haired..

Rank 779 Votes 404

Dani Blu

Dani Blu was born on July 10, 2000, in Lake Placid, Florida. This cute long-haired brunette has brown eyes and a vivacious smile. She has a petite body that is so hot and sexy. Her small tits..

Rank 605 Votes 443

Nala Brooks

This girl has three big and awesome features, personality, tits and smile. She has full control over her life, and when she has a goal, nothing can stop her. Nala is a redhead cute girl, who has..

Rank 503 Votes 692

Tru Kait

Tru Kait is an Instagram influencer who turned to porn just for fun. She is an incredibly sweet brunette who has lovely green eyes and an amazing smile that leaves people speechless..

Rank 1973 Votes 434

Iris Ivy

At the first look, Iris seems like an ordinary girl, but her essence is wild and beautiful. She was born on January 21, 1999, in the city called Beverly, Massachusetts. Except for her cute face..

Rank 500 Votes 701

Liz Jordan

The porn industry gets a new member almost every single day, but Liz Jordan is a real exception worth your attention. This young and incredibly cute brunette has light-brown eyes and a sweet smile..

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Anna Claire Clouds

Anna Claire Clouds is an exceptionally beautiful girl and one of the most creative models on the porn scene. Her beautiful face, hazel eyes, natural dirty-blonde hair, give her an angelic appearance..

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Jenni Noble

Jenni Noble is blessed with two gigantic jewels, which she wears like medals. She is an American porn star, born on July 16, 1996, in Erie, Pennsylvania. She is a brunette, who has a lovely face..

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Riley Jean

Petite cutie Riley Jean certainly deserves your attention because of her cool personality besides her great look, but also her astonishing charisma. She was born on February 6, 1998 in Coral Springs

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Melody Foxx

Melody Foxx is a delicious busty girl who is born to start up fires. She was born on July 29, 2001 in Florida. With a pure angelic face and wide smile, she has long black hair and a pair of cheerful..

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Samantha Mack

Samantha Mack is an impressive lady in many different ways: from her concept of living to her unique approach to sex, she deserves a bow to the ground. She was born on August 11, 1980, in a small town

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Alina Belle

Brazilian girls are famous for their exotic looks, special charm, and as passionate mistresses, at least when it comes to the world of adult entertainment. Alina is even more than that. She was born..

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Viva Athena

Viva Athena was born on October 7, 1996. She has a typical Asian look which is not too strange because her mother is Filipino and her father is Pakistani. Born and grew up in Hong-Kong, Athena moved..

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Little Reislin is a girl who already conquered the world with her beauty and filthy imagination. She was born in a small town in Latvia, on November 10, 1999. She is a girl who has a beautiful face..

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Kenzi Ryans

Kenzi Ryans has a special type of gene that makes her a natural-born performer. She was born on June 10, 1997 in the state of Colorado. She is of Polish descent and she is an exceptionally pretty girl

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Mary Solaris

Marie Solaris is one of the cutest and kinkiest Russian girls who have entered the porn industry in the last couple of years. Her face is adorable, but her red hair gives her an irresistible charm..

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Lya Missy

Lya Missy belongs to a group of girls who have the perfect qualities needed for a successful porn career. She was born on July 25, 2000 in Barcelona, Spain. She is a girl with a cute face, blonde hair

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Robbin Banx

Robbin Bank is a master of her craft in every sense of the word, especially in front of the camera. She was born on February 15, 1975, in Camden Town, England and her real name is Zoe Gregory.

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Ellie Eilish

Ellie Eilish is a girl who had enough courage and the will to change her life from the roots. She was born on 2000 in Virginia. She grew up in Delaware, Ohio, and now she lives in Los Angeles..

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Jennifer Mendez

Her appearance and name first led us to think we were dealing with a Latin woman. What a deception. She is actually from the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic. Jennifer Mendez was born on 1999...

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Tanya Virago

Tanya is an enchantress in bed and a lifetime seductress. Virago is an old Latin word that was used for strong women with heroic qualities. Her platinum-blonde hair, green eyes and charming smile..

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Jessie Saint

Jessie Saint is an angelic-looking sensation, who was born on March 7, 2000, in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is one of the sweetest girls that appeared on the porn scene in recent years. Except for her..